Protective Style Challenge: A New Hair Journey

When I was younger I had the longest thickest head of hair you ever saw on a child, and as I got older I watched that hair break off.  Ive always been seemingly healthy, a vegetarian girl who exercised daily, but the truth is I was a vegetarian who ate little to no vegetables (besides kale, love me some kale), drank barely any water (except for mealtimes or after a workout and that was barely a glass), I frequently ate unhealthy foods like chips and honey buns. I just wasn’t quite right. As far as my hair went I would always want to wear my afro and never any protective styles, Id aggressively comb my hair, I wouldn’t gently take out knots just rip them, and I didn’t do a lot of research on maintaining my hair.

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There are a lot of young rappers looking to lead hip-hop’s comeback one of my personal favorites is Jong Sung Mayale or as he is known by his fans “JMC”. Hes is a seventeen year old junior from Nairobi, Kenya. He writes poetry, sings (under ideal conditions), and dances (contemporary, ballroom, and hip hop). He began rapping at 13, he’s one of the four members of the rap group “Omnimavericks” and a man of many talents he’s a force to be reckoned with. He’s produced two mix tapes and is going on tour this spring.

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“Be Great, Be a Prodigy”


“Be Great, Be a Prodigy” the phrase created by India Piner, CEO and Founder of “Prodigy Magazine”, that’s meant to spark inspiration in teenagers everywhere. Prodigy Magazine is a magazine thats focused on showcasing the accomplishments of productive teenagers in the Philadelphia area, for now at least. She started the magazine, she says, because “our generation has a bad light over us. What isusually highlighted is our shortcomings, the things we mess up on, and not the people doing things that benefit the community or excelling in their craft. We have a lot of potential as a whole that isn’t being cultivated or acknowledged. That’s why I started prodigy.” She also says “Im very active in the arts I’m a creative writer, I rap, I was a vocal minor, and im a screenwriter. For a while i thought that’s all I wanted, and I mean I do still want to be a screenwriter, but I realized its the people doing the art that i loved. I loved seeing their passion, and I wanted to highlight that”

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Who is the Leader of the Flock?

Well hello there! My name is Kaia and I write the strangelittlebirdd blog. I started this blog because I couldn’t connect to a lot of the major style gurus that I found on YouTube (which isn’t to say they aren’t amazing just not my cup of tea all the time), so i decided to make one for myself and all the other girls who felt the same way. This blog is about everything from fashion to photography to honoring excellent things teenagers are doing in the community. Sometimes it’s what I see on the street or on someone i know, and sometimes there’s something so epic and amazing that i have to share it be it art, a song, e.t.c. Im always looking for people to feature so please if you have a story, something you’re proud of, or some sort of art to share email me at  There is a tumblr for the blog called strangelittlebirdd! (  and an instagram ( @strangelittlebird_)! I love receiving comments via tumblr, comments, emails or whatever. Thats all for now!

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